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The Northern Suburbs Riding Club (NSRC) is one of the founding members of the Hellenic Equestrian Federation. The facilities rate amongst the most complete and fully equiped in Greece. At the same time, is the first riding club in Greece with a fully functioning Pony Club which boasts theoretical and practical training sessions for children aged 3 to 7 years of age, while the riding school is geared towards children above7 years.

The instructors count amongst the best of Greek riding trainers, providing the best conditions for schooling and learning in a secure environment. There is also the possibility of riding in an indoor arena.


The relationship between the Northern Suburbs Riding Club (N.S.R.C.) and therapeutic riding began in 2010 after discussions of the Board of Directors of the Club with the Scientific Director of the Greek Scientific Society of Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy (G.S.A.T.R.H.) Mr Yiannis Nikolaou.

The high standards according to which the N.S. Riding Club has always elected to operate have found a fertile meeting ground among the high expectations, the specialized personnel and the objectives that form the working basis of G.S.A.T.R.H

It is certain that therapeutic riding is an office of ministration and therefore offers, in addition to therapy, also joy to those who practice and participate in it: the children who experience it as something different but at the same time as an enjoyable recreation, the therapists who are committed to this office, the parents who perceive their children's progress and feel satisfaction through their children's smiles and , of course, the organizer Riding Club which can only consider an honour its contribution to the completion of such a chain of events that includes therapy, progress and joy.

The Board of Directors of the N.S. Riding Club has taken therapeutic riding fully under it s wing integrating with it s other activities which include: the introduction, teaching and training of new riders of all ages to the sport of horse back riding, riding in the near-by nature and fields, training for Dressage and training for obstacle jumping as well organising and hosting major riding events.

The facilities of the N.S. Riding Club house about 100 horses and include two open and one indoor riding arenas thus ensuring that no lessons or training sessions are lost due to weather conditions, suitable lighting for night events and trainings , a recreational area and patio for it s members and visitors and a classroom where everyone can extend their knowledge and exchange scientific views and information. Our facilities are also considered the facilities of the G.S.A.T.R.H as we share common goals which regard and touch both adults and children.

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