What we do

The GSATRH is based within the grounds of  Varybobi Riding Club (this is the club where therapeutic riding first begun in Greece) and is staffed with a variety of specialists such as specially trained physiotherapists, psychologists, doctors, etc who all work under the supervision and guidance of Mr John Nikolaou. All therapists are members of the Greek Association of Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding Trainers (GAHTRT) and all have been trained according to its standards with years of experience in the particular field.

Our horses are chosen and trained especially for therapeutic riding and hippotherapy.

GSATRH members attend therapeutic riding congresses around the world presenting their own studies and papers and are also active in Greece by giving seminars and lectures and presenting their work in a variety of scientific conferences.

GSATRH also has an active role in informing the community and the public about therapeutic riding and hippotherapy, presenting its benefits, its positive effects and therapeutic values as well as how it should be applied and the type of personel and staff needed.

GSATRH organizes tours and outings as well as special camps  for the children, during the summer months, which include a diverse array of  therapeutic programmes in the form of games and entertaining activities.

During the last years in cooperation with the GAHTRT we have created a 2 year course of training which includes practical field training, theoretical courses, special seminars, continuing evaluations and final exams. Our focus and intention are to provide an overall knowledge of the numerous skills and resources needed to maintain a high standard of work and commitment toward all handicapped people who come to us.

Through our work and its results we have managed to gain the trust of both the parents of the children and of the scientific community. Today our group is involved with more than 100 handicapped children as well as adults and special schools for the handicapped. We maintain a close relationship with all parents and families who, we trust, play an integral role in the therapeutic process of their children as well  keeping in close contact with all the other specialist who work with them.

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